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Are There Still The Best Places to Live in Missouri

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Do you believe that there are even more places to settle your life in Missouri? Actually, this state has listed under the top of the worst areas to live. But, still, we can find a few locations which you have a good environment to settle up. However, before looking at these sites, do you know why it has listed in this blacklist? Yes! It says this state takes the top ranks in crime rates and environmental pollution. So, there is no enough level of clean air to refresh your breaths and by that clean your lungs and cardiovascular systems. Thus, there is no doubt about the bad effects of staying in this place. But, the thing we are stating here is, you still can find silver lines in these black clouds. Hence we found below-mentioned spots as good sites to build your home in Missouri.

Clayton is one of the best places to live in Missouri!

Since this area has a zero vulnerability towards crimes and robberies, this is known as a good place to stay. Further, the governors of Clayton has taken the steps to keep the education level in the highest place. So, they could be able to maintain more than ninety-six precent of students who passed their exams up to higher school level. Actually, this may be the secret behind the considerably low rates of crimes and all other failures. If you go through all other data on different states, you will find this as the highest average point of education level.

Is WildWood the best places in Missouri to live?

Yes! This also another recommended area to place your own residence. Since it also has the considerably higher school grade levels, the areas have similar popularity as with Clayton. Further, the urban areas also show a comparatively higher level of development with lots of facilities including laundry, outdoor parks and developed roads Etc.


Wonderfully, this smaller area is also ideally matching to build up your own residential place. Actually, the current population in Glendale is not exceeding six thousand people. So, it has enough natural resources to save you. At the same time, this area is also recorded as a public area with minimal crime exposure. Hence, if you really need to settle in Missouri, this is a good place. But, better to think of the above two areas before taking your decision to settle here.


If you need a house and land for a reasonable price in a safe area, Kirkwood may be the best place. As with the recent records, this area is taking the top level of the list with safe and friendly neighbours than all other areas in Missouri. So, you will be able to share anything with them when settling in here. But, be careful and aware of people with unsatisfactory behaviours, actually, there are many difficult to thrust people all around the world. However, this area also has higher schools and educational places under well-established systems.

The last lines

Even though Missouri is known as one of the worst countries to settle, we can find some silver lines in this darkness. So, still, there are nice and the best places to live in Missouri. Hence, if you really need to stay in here as a foreigner, you can select a house from any of the areas we have listed above. Actually, since these areas have considerably higher educational levels, the people living in these areas are trustworthy and friendly.

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