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The 3 Best Hostels in Amsterdam for a Happy Holiday

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Are you looking for accommodation around Amsterdam for a couple of days or a month? We know staying long term basis in a higher class hotel isn’t an easy task. Actually, it needs lots of money to arrange foods and other facilities inside a super class hotel. Thus, staying in a hostel may be the best decision in this case. We know mostly the hostels are providing shared based rooms and bathroom facilities. So, sometimes it will be a difficult thing until you get adapted to the nature of such a shared facility. However, this is the cheapest and the perfect choice for long term rentals. Well, now you can collect the following 3 the best hostels in Amsterdam for a happy stay without bothering on your pocket.

The Flying Pig Downtown is one of the best Hostel in Amsterdam

Yes! If you need a location with most comfortable beds and hospitality for minimal cost, this is the ideal location. However, when you navigate through the details you may find it has recorded nearly two stars of ratings. But, since all the people are not participating for this reviewing process and it is updating its offerings day by day, we can not depend upon this rating score. Thus, as with the current best facilities, this station has all the facilities for a comfortable long term stay.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark the best party hostels in Amsterdam!

This is a place surrounded by a beautifully natured environment with varying kinds of plants. So, if you stay here for a longer period such as three-four months you would be able to see the beauty of seasonal changes. Yes! Actually, it is not a dream! Since this place offers accommodation facilities for a budget cost, definitely, you can stay longer period. Further, as with the customer feedback’s and Google ratings, this place has excellent quality in services and all other customer relation. Thus, the internal environment may not disturb to your freedom as well.

That is why as are eager to introduce this as one of the perfect long term rentals for anyone. But, further, this is ideally matching for short term rental needs as well.


The place offers a number of excellent features which allow you to enjoy a really awesome holiday while participating for work needs. Actually, it has extremely clean spaces with rich food menus. Further, the room spaces are also well equipped with the necessary bedroom items to ease off your stay. However, as with most of the other types of hostels, this place is also offering shared facilities. But, if you really want to have a single room and private bathroom, you can request it from the authorities. However, this choice is a little more expensive than shared rooms. Hence, you can analyze the differences between these two before placing your next bookings.

The last lines

Most of the travelers who visit different locations for works and study purposes are prefer long term holiday locations. So, staying in a hotel and restaurant may be a challenging task for them. Actually, it is somewhat money wasting thing as well. Hence, the best thing works here is hiring a hostel. Thus, here we listed around 3 the best hostels in Amsterdam for the people who are planning to visit Netherlands. So, we invite you to find these details as an easy reference to explore such a good accommodation spot.

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